220 W 激安デル ACアダプターP3JW1互換 88 -264Volts Ac 220W 60/50Hz
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☆激安♪即納♪美品☆デル ACアダプタ DELL P3JW1 88 -264Volts Ac 220W 60/50Hz 100-127V ~ / 6A - 220V-240V ~ / 3A 50Hz-60Hz【ACアダプタ】【充電器】【ノート用】


  • メーカー:
  • デル ☆激安♪ACアダプタ
  • 入力電圧:
  • 100-127V ~ / 6A - 220V-240V ~ / 3A 50Hz-60Hz
  • 出力電圧:
  • 88 -264Volts Ac 220W 60/50Hz
  • 製品番号:
  • # DE21453_Se/GSB232



  • 商品番号: DE21453_Se
  • 保証: 1年間保証
  • ブランド: デル
  • 低価格、高品質
  • ご注文後、48時間以内に発送致します !
  • 対応機種PSU SFF 対応 Dell Inspiron 660s Vostro 270s 220Watt Computer 電源
  • 通常価格:10,160
  • お得: 1,693円
特別価格 8,467円 (税込 )
ACアダプタP3JW1 PSU SFF 対応 Dell Inspiron 660s Vostro 270s 220Watt Computer 電源 !

● 互換情報:

H220AS-00 L220AS-00 PY.22009.002, PY.2200B.001, PY.2200B.002

● 対応機種:

【PSU SFF 対応 Dell Inspiron 660s Vostro 270s 220Watt Computer 電源 】

Voltage: 100-127V ~ / 6A - 220V-240V ~ / 3A 50Hz-60Hz
Power: 220 W
Input Voltage : 88 -264 Volts Ac
Frequency : 60 / 50 Hz
Temperature Range : Operating 0° C ~ +25° C on Output Load or 0° C ~ +50° C on Output Load ;Storage & Shipping -20° C ~ +80° C
Humidity : 5 ~ 90% on Operating, 5 ~ 95% on Storage
Dielectric Withstand : Primary Frame Ground 1800V AC for 1 Second
MTBF : 100,000 Hours on Maximum Load at +25°C
Rise time : Less than 20ms
Hold-up Time : 17ms Minimum at Nominal Input Voltage
Size: 200 * 90 * 50mm
Part number: H220AS-00 L220AS-00 PY.22009.002, PY.2200B.001, PY.2200B.002,
Model: DPS-220UB A or (Chicony) CPB09-D220R.PS- 5221-06 (model very much, but all the same, warehouse were shipped)
Compatible Part #'s: P3JW1, 650WP, GXYV0, R5RV4, M32H8, 5NV0T, HU220NS-00, HK320-82FP.

Applicable chassis model:
1.GATEWAY:SX2300, SX2310, SX2311, SX2800, SX2801, SX2802, SX2840, SX2841, SX2850.
2.Aspire: X1200, X1300, X1700, X1800, X3200, X3300, X3810, X5300, X5810, eMachines L1200, L1210, L1320, L1700
3. Veriton: X270, X480G
5.eMachines:EL1200-05w/EL1200-06w/EL1200-07w/EL1210-01e/EL1210- 09/EL1210-11/EL1700/EL1700/EL1300G-01w/EL1300G-02w

P1 - 24 Pin ATX Motherboard System Board Power Connector
P2 - 4 Pin P4 Motherboard System Board Power Connector
P3 - SATA Power Connector
P4 - SATA Power Connector



● スッキリまとまるケーブルバンド付


● 通電確認ができるLEDランプ付


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